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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  November 19, 2014 7:00am-10:01am PST

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report in just a few minutes with an update >> : live in san francisco this morning looking for whoever sent to cars on fire and details coming up a live report >> : come star is the breaking is that a san jose police responding to barricaded man who is barricaded with a gun in his home at large go score hayes avenue affecting school this morning that >> : the trend alive and the stainless details >> : us talk about the school hopes drove right next to may be learned over the past 50 minutes and all this barricade head and continues to lead and winding down and
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including animal services and a man apparently does have some dogs in his backyard this been going on since 945 piquancy here another officer leaving the scene arrived in oakland and some information. >> : the conceit is still: on the ec of the orange tape their the home is located about 10 hours ago he was spotted and the middle of the street with a gun and child to know information was the it was his child and a back into his home officers came out and still hear at this is a very long and light for neighbors allowed to leave for other locations including work other ones like this one here this woman could use live near
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the scene walk us through what you saw some of the night. >> : and how tough is going above are hollis all my long. flying a variant low i didn't see any surge light from the helicopter and all of these police cars were out here and must have been over 20 cars. they were basically barricaded off the road. and there was no way in or out except toward through here. where we are at near the vehicle >> : to know anything about this man having seen him before. now, but another is the dog is in the backyard and that's why we have seen and will control about >> : were officers in blowhards other types of devices to get your attention to stay in your help >> : i did hear anything like that early on. did hear anything like that helicopters were out of here all night. so it was very loud and noisy. and then hit
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the blow horns a few of the few houses down. milan early reports of this was a hostage situation a talk with investigators are on 62 and 85 in the morning. and he does not believe this is a hostage situations obviously still on the scene come back as if there's any developments we have learned school lot of other people approve has been shut down for now >> : another big story following what they're looking at this shot does look like it was raining but is on the bay. >> : so quite a bit of it this morning live look as storm tracker from showers begins to move out of the east livermore area hole and all small passage this year right now intermediate and the whole stretch of 580 tracy to 5680 interchange on the same said this morning
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more rain on the lead >> : is even here to look at lower cigarette now in the north bay and inverness point and the big bay like showers pushing the direction of bottle once it was over the coastal hills see some light rain and a half hour before it arrives in your neck below its trade in this shot here american canyon at the valley unhorsing light rain nothing very intense man and even be reaching the round ends make is to make your at the door this morning. bell to the top half the seven francisco on lsi in the air. treasure island in san francisco right now. or chargeurs of the oakland hills and pushing and alameda san leandro and those points along the east shore. and what were sent south in a lush and santa clara valley being held in the santa cruz on highway 17
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if this party morning commute public debt was to get out there >> : and back outside san francisco is a sudden are shot rain over the city this is what it looks like rain coming down obscure in the view that it is less in some parts of the bay area. look at temperatures right now upper 40's and santa rosa low to mid 50's everywhere else >> : ever get down below the kron 4 mobile app great day to get up the threats the day free apple and tried as a matter both platforms back and 15 with full track and future test models for its up the day >> : selling all of warmup creek and along the creek concord pleasant hill both to 42 6/8 softbound the accident is gone now city streets north main street have traffic remains minutes for itself
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on the accident at stevenson and slow ride there. cell for the corridor commune in san leandro dried thyme are ready at 44 minutes. tracking iraq to the bay bridge 26 minutes now highway 24 with traffic solidly backed up to macarthur base. san mateo bridge ride about 20 minutes and hayward for westbound 92 trip said mattel and slow traffic all across the span even coming off the high- rise section for westbound highway 92 >> : church services remain in the hours a fire over the weekend members of holocausts whole mess in the church home next door >> : and then the fire went to their and the central police jackson 12th avenue sunday firefighters say it would through a second-floor and the roof to stick tsetse
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police investigating three separate car if it gets are some of it in san francisco live with the latest >> : to spinto here in the same services go police tried to figure out and why a fire here along is no restraint and an 19th street and take a look fire crews arrive here for earlier this morning dousing of a large band and the cross the street much of the damage appears the fun part of the vehicle in this case and other suvs and vehicles and not parked next to each other although authorities don't know if they were targeted fire police target a color onto clock in finding the burned cars and to paint canister under trees and used to distort the fire and a neighbor tells me he things where he
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parked his car a park apartments but hopefully the like of up the lead to a person like cars on fire but no idea and led hopefully committee there something wrong about hopefully it's not just something someone would do better of spite >> : in vehicles burned in have been towed from the scene that will have any witnesses to what happened this morning and hoping it somebody else who did this thing comes forward >> : oakland man was tays said the jail overnight >> : spitting last night around 9:00 he kept going and 53 mi. and contra costa county. and then ditched the car 73 arthur st. oakland credit away on foot office is tays taken in custody and rv
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three wards of for his arrest one of those, they're reporting news >> : in versa california raising tuition much more use chase freedom at
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>>george: the drive time. the kron 4 mobile application is a free download. >>mark: tuition hikes for students at the university of california. the eagles a 5% a year for the next five years there will to make an extra hundred million dollars by raising tuition.
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they plan to protest at the board meeting today and hundreds of students at uc davis are processed and the possible tuition increase that mars the cab just today them should say the board readers are at the touch and it would keep to its tutors at school. you receive police were nowhere to be filed in meshed acidify as the protesters approached. tuition increases are being considered because under operating cost. >> james: will talk about it in detail with another band of what whether.
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>>darya: in buffalo york the snow blowers are really in snow. >> reporter: buffalo continues to be followed by rex of snow. this out of
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buffalo the snow is measured by feet quickly approaching 60. the snows and exceeded 10 ft. in some areas the city did not know what to do with the plows will work this fall into fat 4 5 in. for hour after hour the road with our--their resorting to snowmobiles. however you
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look at the mayor said the worse no in over 40 years was one the worst the mess >> james: grass and light rain coming all sure pockets of moderate rain into get intense just a little bit. for the library moving into the delta of run-up of lies not that bad. attendees bay shoreline for have the light rain is falling for some up to the oakland hills.
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sliding to the south we have arise come to santa cruz mountains to by far didnt ran the same months in a way of rent for san jose with a lot more rent offshore is not have the frame if it will be persistent all they long for into the temperature at the mall were sent a lot of upper '40's and low 50s we have santa rosa 485152 agreed to concord in livermore. we're looking at mild morning and mild afternoon to come. a spot = = aside from sporadic showers into friday night and saturday as well we have three systems we are tracking here in the kron 4
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were the center will keep you update >> james: will update to do our mobile application downloading is free. tec>>george: chapter is sorely backed up to macarthur maze call to 7 minutes from highway 24 that is sure freeway's also slow for the westbound ride and a windshield wiper tear at the center where is presently that could jettison the traffic is bogged down. 1920 minute drive times in the midwest out of a word. when shall what is offered a golden gate bridge expenses showers ride around and a little sluggish traffic likely because of the southbound. in furniture to
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the bridge and bridge also windshield wipers have backed up enough for the toll plaza. on 580 westborough >>george: a stalled bus but is slowing traffic here on 280 north down is an alameda. bad send another bus up to the same location emetine chat delays the '80s out about the corridor 49 minutes, with an ax and a number on the shoulder as stevenson. >> erica: puzzle follows are coming into the car for no room for a car stopped on freeways off hours set in subzero temperatures there honestly home from an
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intense worker and-such in the sloughs the timmy moore said of davis and all but four hours before being rescued from their boss. will have more on this coming up. learn >>stanley: is a crackdown on bad driving habits if i will explain in an exhibition of people behaving badly female announcer: the mattress price wars
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why t? mosayshe'stillooki. capte yo memies th >> catherin >> here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly! >>stanley: for an entire year elizabeth collins wouldn't last day of fall forever and the leading
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cause the crash as a speeding in a business the time is interstate 280 is driver 85 they're never going that fast to show the opposition was daydreaming >>stanley: desire 80 before mao's hour when she tried to pull over look at what happened. when as tough as it was all she was off by 14 mi.
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out the following is the flow of traffic. you insult the stop sign at the one that was right here.
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>> james: you consider the
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battle showers work in all sure making its entry into the north bay. and some resent--marine will make his way to petaluma the wet weather continues to move to the east. you see we have some like removing to open. in the richmond area of youth the sea is still on the light side is not heavy but it is enough that you may have to pull the wipers as you drive today. the bad weather is slowly making its way to the direction as well. the dog is is beginning to pressure the system of bally's 16 and this element. with lesser
7:31 am
amounts elsewhere. >> james: as more rain comes in offshore the rain will be with us through most of the day to a parlor trick raincoat and a. we have one to three storms to this week. >> jackie sissel: is more often on out here was pretty
7:32 am
steady rain for about a hour and half or so and then attack of insist that will seem listen going on the rain. southbound by the civic center all the traffic is slow and has not been any major accidents this a couple minutes ago so far so good no major accidents everybody is driving nice and slow and safe. what is good news jams and i am not ready to put a preamble i feel that more rain is on the right--wait >>george: is quite surprising that we haven't yet seen a big problem or the accident as a result of the rain. a few minor incidents still slowing the rise there's a new one here in hercules math is was bound just before highway 4.
7:33 am
this is to have not yet picked up that the lead to concede the rest of the east shore free ride is especially heavy from highway 4 to san pablo. rickety to track the lead to a corridor at the fremont milpitas. court or--for door is backed up to highway by selling andrew. >>george: backed up into the macarthur maze this morning was no traffic at 26 to 28 minutes from highway 24 the san mateo bridge for dram the of you this morning just before 7:00 and started to buy back looking that was one minute drive times from hayward and of december sale. >>darya: no school for some kids in san jose because locally standoff with a man who barricaded in his home at grove court and hate at about this for kron 4
7:34 am
reporter is here with the update. >>will tran: this is not writing down even an hour ago we heard 2/bass that to decide the police are on the move but in this case we're still here more obsolete officers that were here over night all growth is to the right of your screen the principal and are 645 initially said school would be armed with the students should have the guts to school for a different route than he looked at the situation is said it was too dangerous while this barricade is still calling on no school for all growth. this happened at 945 just down the street we learned at that time members of the middle of the road with a gun and a child that he goes back to his home >>will tran: investigators so we they do not believe this is a hostage situation as i been here since this 60
7:35 am
in the morning i have not heard any ball more to going into the home as far as i stand were my location and i know here in a negotiation going on is not to said they don't have to sell fall in talking to him but at this point is still going we do know public information officer from settle the police department she is on a way to the same will try to get her life and a clock more officers are arriving. >>mark: sentences will please send a message of your group could be a victim of sex trafficking. she was lasting monday and of which left the school in san francisco november 10th it was later spotted on in the last of the bar and oakland. he said she's a model school last monday and he had to go to myrna the king jr. academies altar of middle school to give information on his daughter's whereabouts he was to plead for help after that he's been handing out fliers in
7:36 am
san francisco and oakland. come has the minister is i don't know what to believe that to be solid casinos that has hurt. >>mark: she stifled for 160 proud she was last seen with black hill passed and culture. allied >>darya: she disappeared last week with her sister at the list of our party the bodies of her and her sister were found buried not far from where they disappeared four men including the sister's boyfriend had been detained for questioning she was supposed aboard flight on sunday to london for the miss world pageant >>darya: the san jose police department to see is low staffing numbers is the 19 '80s the police chief
7:37 am
delivered the part of the be at the lows numbers as 1985. three to four officers will retire early department every month and the chief says the city's recently they're all have full their side of the other agencies that have better pay. >>darya: state water regulations $3 million penalty from said the late california water co. for a leak of chemically that it water that killed dozens of fish is the bay area's largest penalty a in have millions gas of water that contains chordata. it killed at least 2076 is included 70
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>>george: a stall for westbound 24 and lafayette is backing up the ride because it blocks lined with our grievance low are pleasant hill and copper on both to 42 this is a southpaw into walnut creek. remember you can get trapped in a tie with the kron 4 mobile application >> erica: people magazine unveils its sexiest man alive and muscle barrick the father of three has formally come out the next year the
7:42 am
highly anticipated offenders sequel announced by jimmy campbell he was to think his parents for putting it together. mel gibson was the first when a back in 1985. >> erica: stricken down by having a lot of folks are lot >> james: this give you an update will talk more about how much we are saying and how much it will last in just a minute. learn
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>> james: it is raining out there not intensely but we do have light rainfall in the north bay and is beginning to make its way on the coastline. the east bay is getting a break the break that we had on the peninsula is coming to when and at the showers are beginning to come on the shore. it's a mix of light to moderate rain we did have and what they early this morning about a quarter of and had already fallen the store and
7:46 am
just started. we are watching a we are keeping a tally on the will have more details coming up. >> james: we're still looking for those like showers and a no. bay future cast for little or bite the tile was to have scattered showers brought the bay area mainly impacting the north bay. we may still have to my showers in the east bank and by point even the south bay your evening commute could be a damp one for you. it's a brick of as we headed to the evening and night hours. low clouds over san francisco with a 48 in santa rosa and fairfield merit fifties and openness that the cisco san jose in the mid '50s at 57 ride out. i should warmer of about 10 degrees or so mid-60's at best for afternoon high
7:47 am
inland. temperatures will be flat for the next seven days. >> james: thursday from 2 friday night to saturday another storm. we'll keep you updated year on air it will also stay of they're all lined by download are mobile application is free. >>george: we are tracking some as a this lull in the right now the east shore freeway accident first reported below for the to be a little closer to highway 4 and is asking between four and follow that road is backing of the ride of interstate 80 heading up toward the coming skyway and installed here in lafayette slow the rise out of all the creek. that adds to the congested all 680 into 42. in the south of direction to
7:48 am
a lot about a san francisco in the core commit behind schedule due to early occur accident or a '80s talk about. >>george: at stevens said boulevard back to san leandro. 47 minute drive times was our seventh sale bridge with us to call you at 2 minutes from hayward got to send sale. for the golden gate bridge no plans to the south our pride and for the side 80 ride to the bridgman with the slow traffic here in the left- hand lane. >>darya: good morning >> gary: somehow laky and i
7:49 am
just got out of bed. i have my mobile application with me all times >>darya: we think of the news for the a's citing a slugger will? >> gary: you know his nickname is? >>darya: >> gary: he is a good hitter. when the world series was at at&t park is suffering about country breakfast in the bay area he has to say today. >>darya: who was like our hearty meat breakfast. statistics to your career. >> gary: it is raining when it is raining like this are like to think about is getting out of the road. allied >>darya: is affected upset your people are stranded
7:50 am
with the basketball team. lying >> gary:: their rent was half empty in buffalo and no wonder how or why they went. lin and >>darya: their 50 mi. away from their town. they're sending self these its violent like that six bottles of water verifiably rescued this morning. why even think it on to play games with weather like that. >>darya: the stadium has 4 ft. of snow the players were stranded a lot of them are homebound taking personal pictures there was enough the national guard to rescue people
7:51 am
>> gary: we as a rescue where were they. >>darya: their home she says i look out the window and i see him did he disappears and about our letter there he is with a shovel he dug through the feet of snow he and his wife get to the home adorable >> gary: this left them in the house but given the word if you need help we're here. you can even open your front door to a fetus no >> gary: it will was
7:52 am
stranded would save him? >>darya: i actually would. >> gary: you have to get dressed lot of your house and think about somebody else. >>darya: toward the long block all night and giving. >> gary: the whole team went to a place in san francisco sometimes is when the two guys and they they should they let everyone. the warriors it ever gone on the last to get all the start time since then the coach not to grab--get back to the forty-niners it's the negative.
7:53 am
>>darya: complaining >> gary: and you see the warriors people right now aren't laughing at me saying who cares as long as they went. little by little i lied about this--i am right about this >>darya: did you hear the coach will talk about the turnover and you hear i have a turnover to because i still saleh on and eight year-old. i have a turnover problem >> gary: is easier to be funny as well >>darya: they're back at work today thursday and friday. >> gary: this is only the first month of the season. >>darya: the best crazy here could ever on the basketball
7:54 am
court it comes to us from the filipino player this is a lizard. he actually has a lizard hair cut look at this i love the backed shot. all the left >> gary: these guys will to all play the game i don't want to bother them were trapped in the attention >>darya: they mean business he wants to play ball >> gary: >>darya: if you need help i will help build >> gary: i know you're all in one application away like a garde
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>>darya: a news conference is under way after a man barricaded himself in his home. i do know there are five children that have been removed from the residence where working all of the test is still be inside. will have more information to put out. >>will tran: are you considering is a hostage situation. we're not sure what led up to this will not entirely if we have a suspect in custody but still is a static situation and what we can
8:01 am
be briefed all of the residence with the cow we can figure out what happened >>will tran: the jamaican contact? will the subjects that industry with a gun and a small child was called off accidents--officers to respond we're still clear and how we dealt left inside. we'll still sorting through bernard debriefing witnesses and try to figure out what happened and look to is to be left inside the residence and who lives there. once we determine that information with the start piecing it together for what precipitated this whole thing >>will tran: the dollar relationship between the people inside we do not know the west a debriefing and figure that out
8:02 am
>>will tran: the note he was pointing a gun at the tile or of the child lacks the man at the time we don't know that. during the holy men who are tempted to make contact with president there was some success for the and all to believe they did have to make entry into the residence with you and they're all out >>will tran: you made entry into the residence the despite the man is still there is a cigar we don't know where to clear and the residents, the school is closed right now until further notice the principal will be updating us and i will let you know but for right now it is close they're not allowed anyone on cab as anyone who was on campus is in a sheltered place we are still clearing the residence not yet rubble and to find out because we still do not know
8:03 am
what to talk to the residents who were inside and from what happened with has a law called a report this information that we part of our investigative process >>will tran: would one- family are lots of families we don't know the relation to get what they are being debriefed debriefed had decided not cause a problem that we are rare that >>will tran: the situation is still on law and there have a news conference that try to get more information from all this is on the same as she was kind enough to step away from the area to give us a news conference that a remote are if currently five to six people she chased the a couple times was of people were removed when inside in the process is still doing so will try to get more information come back at 830 or sooner to she get reformation for offers >>darya: for now his stance
8:04 am
the high school by the senate is not in session >>mark: is starting at 930 last by police are still trying to clear the house >>mark: in the meantime whether >> james: we have been tracking storms are long since became on air this morning keep you updated on the system. the next wave of whether its impact in the north bay at the moment we have light to moderate rain impact in places like the marin headlands white read to is the falling. if you're headed out the door keypad my givers of little extra time. the san francisco area is falling out near
8:05 am
ocean beach in making its way across the sunset. showers will be effecting the bay bridge all this to say to work its way alternately impact oakland and other east bay shoreline communities >> james: the has a relatively quiet all morning that the guinness showers and that is still the case out there this morning that we're saying this morning on store trochophore. we have another location much less the bulk of the wet weather falling in the north bank that is what we're seeing the most in terms of store totals. we have this store plus the one tomorrow plus the one that will see on saturday and all we will get these about to.
8:06 am
>> james>> jackie sissel: i am unsettled fell right near the 101 at the civic center headed off and on all morning long i've got their run for talk this morning to stop for a lot of our map is started to rise against the good news is i talked to a chp officer about a half hour or is it so far so good as far as traffic you to see the traffic is slow as it approaches the no major accidents which is great news >> jackie sissel: if the
8:07 am
light is one of those days we did the storm blowing in and out. >>mark: is about to pick up in intensity connects 10 minutes where you are. and yet interesting what follows dickenson the men you're some of the view was picked to of the coming and with which conditions around bay. >>george: we monitor the future accidents this morning but nothing has been direct so tropical west 80--680 westbound. even as the grass is slow going is to continue down the east shore for iraq earlier recurring problems but jammed out copter and walnut creek for was about 24 and we are still sought
8:08 am
to san francisco on both 101 and 280 north brown and the a corridor still behind schedule this morning of the accident in steve's and is now long gone. the bay bridge arise out of the backed up into macarthur maze 28 minute drive times here and for 92 is not much better quaff >>george: 26 minute drive from here were a little to foster city. will take a quick break will be right back stay with us. ♪
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anwhatinneit thouthe licis taeofceanprayranbs th: ppy anksving ok, whlikeyams
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>>mark: tuition hikes for students at the university of california. the tuition will be raised 5% a year for the next five years the uc system's hopes to pick up on hundred million dollar by raising the governor jerry brown is opposed to hikes. hundreds of students are protesting possible tuition increases the occupied the stress and building the police that a troubled the proper times tutors and have their nowhere in sight for this process >> james: willful look at whether come for you rain falling for the bay area right now stored fat before
8:12 am
will explain all this in just a moment. - ( helicopter whirring ) - ( roars ) ( siren wails ) ( pop music playing ) ♪ when you're ready ♪ ready, ready, ready ♪ come and get it ♪ get it, get it ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na ♪ na na na na na na na ♪ ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na... female announcer: it's a great big world and it can all be yours.
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fewith up to $400 off. it's posturepedic vs. beautyrest serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three years interest-free financing. mattress price wars are ending soon at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> james: will watching the very cold temperatures >>mark: the store is a sudden our major highways in the area including interstate 80 the last was a
8:15 am
was stranded on the bus because they're stuck in the snow. given him by more than 5 ft. of snow it's a lot of snow here is heavier than anything we have seen in over 40 years there are some parts of the community that receive the call of a whole year's work will slow fall and three revs >>mark: and half feet of snow piled up in some areas are marble floor >>darya: listen to look at our other and what we have this morning the samoset rest solely dry >> james: monthly activity and on the peninsula. is pretty light to moderate rain into an about area cattleman center fell--san
8:16 am
rafael this is same to slide out to the east as weasel may use the relief from san francisco at&t park as at all same part to a moderate range. it would testify here over the next 1520 minutes along with this rain last >> james: is predicting exactly we're saying and allied radar here. will push to close about noontide you see scattershot our activity and about six is
8:17 am
even fear ride home pockets of light showers will not be out of it just get your evening commute could still be a wet one should love with the umbrella we just yet. >> james: signatures mild 50 in santa rosa 49 antioch 59 in san jose and has to take a look at our highs this afternoon it will warm up to the low to mid 60's for most of the bay area inland. here is a seven day around the bay for cat looking for another round of whether coming thursday and another on friday night and saturday we have a lot of instability. if all our by our with our kron 4 mobile application its freely weather and traffic in the fourth news of this any time of day anywhere you are. >>george: the view of the bay bridge toll plaza you're not watching this broadcast with your heading their ewing, slow traffic the drive times improve over the
8:18 am
last 20 minutes while the kids with a three minute commute times out of the macarthur maze for the west are bay bridge ride. this year san mateo bridge commute is about the same to the 22 to 3 minutes from hayward over to san mateo. for the was about commute we'll try to the golden gate bridge 1 01 south thought was windshield wipers on again still a smooth ride in with the rain and heavy traffic flow. stand for the rich could bridge in the west out commute a little drier here the back of a are combined--confined to the sec to look at the slow and go here on the upper east shore freeway coming down from pocket to hercules that's because a month earlier recovery accident highway for >>george: for the rest of the east shore for where we are jammed up on 242 and 680 south not only is a walnut creek but along the border into lafayette. as out of the danville 580 west mom
8:19 am
looks great 680 south slow the rise in the corridor extremely heavy southbound 8101 not as bad as usual but slow enough from 280 of the 237 with 280 ride is at 19 minutes hitting up to san jose and cupertino and jam on 85 to cupertino to mountain view. and american you in very slow this morning the was found ride and southbound ride back to the off highway 37 for your softball trip to the golden gate bridge >>darya: developing story now out for some azeri has residents of the tile is there are a to still awaiting the grand jury's decision on the michael brown shooting takes some guts stop all laws and sale said they're prepared for the worst we all are one shooting supply says he is selling everything that is not nailed down that night lights of the tech every person and by the protesters
8:20 am
are appliance the treasury is deciding and white police officer is on to get charges for shooting and killing an unarmed black it's in your role in first illusory >>mark: senate failed to pass the pipeline by a single vote. the senate's last attempt to pass legislation was dealt with the file will be counted he threatened to build a bill here islamic to wait for environmental impact analysis. president obama opposition hasn't changed--my position has not been changed >>mark: congress will increase in january >> erica: ebola can relax and the british singer reunited with one direction on stage during the performance to the night in
8:21 am
orlando sitting to our into a complete frenzy there roofline around that there was a good addition would capt. for performing he said he was left a ring and upset over the allegations it was just a stomach bug that was keepin performing for the our release his back of twitter and he's back on stage. >>mark: big changes and what the creek will explain ahead and take a lively tear as storm tracker 4. what of the bay bridge and restless center fell press is on to pick up in berkeley oakland and alameda and san leandro over the next five to 10 minutes.
8:22 am
8:23 am
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but it's my phone. it's genius. shh! i'm watching tv. tiny sharon is mean. i'm right here. watch any channel live on any device around your home. download the xfinity tv app today. >>mark: changes in downtown walnut creek and scrambled into section of the pedestrians across the street in the direction the issue >> reporter: i never heard of a scramble in the sense in my life. herve and i is now being put into use and walnut creek. the normal line it cannot go diagonally across in a section is always a traffic are temporarily stopped talking
8:25 am
go indirection with an ax or that way or that way but not many folks will audit the city is full of these times to explain all pedestrian movement allowed on wall i did understand it because it does not say diagonal walk in for the whole into six and is open is a definite benefit to the thousands to walk to this intersection he said the 2700 people walk in this intersection and three hours on the saturn >> reporter: some are concerned about the layout in yes that sign it the policy white lines on all went through it seems a little dangerous
8:26 am
>>darya: that want to look a lot different in the coming years to assure for bus rapid transit bus services are on to for the ride is to use the order to get around town here is what they're doing they're busily creating a dedicated transit only land write down the middle and this is what it looked like all four car will be left going east direction for the cars of its allies in his direction >>: is no more left turns at all along been last >> reporter: glacis and cisco are looking for electric cars on fire will show you the damage coming up on a live report
8:27 am
>>darya: they're looking for missing tokyo or who may be a victim of sex trafficking >>mark: rain coming down and picking up in intensity at the toll plaza over rich right now
8:28 am
[pf. bke] 's ey touy insunce d foet aut i but e mo youearnbout yo covage, likeow y thoht y wer e mverefor is.t nd. [boychecit o,mom rof.urkehen u'reeall ly ceredor ts. orow y figed y wer verefor is. whenou'ractuly ping r rof.urkehen u'reeall ly cerethists. u mit beurpred awhat hing iyourovere. talko faers d gesmarr abouyournsurce.
8:29 am
>> james: we have rain falling right now in san rafael the lettuce rain fall
8:30 am
ratings concerns of rainfall rates have become a doubt about 15 and as for our system a number of the steadily. we talk about the growth they in the sixth line showers coming down right now. this is like cattlemen and a bottle getting light rain at the moment we're watching that carefully san francisco and oakland now more so getting moderate wing >> james: is cleared released next the stretch of it making his way into oakland. the rain falling right now is to come and whether you can expect is not so bad in the south may not yet anyway to the quick
8:31 am
look at temperatures right now we're seeing things one of steadily >> james: mid-50s court sentences: oakland and 59 in san jose will warmer to los it is led on to say more on that to come in a bit. if you need an update on the forecast a lot the day or two of the wicked easy way to do it is with the kron 4 mobile application is free and available for both android and apple devices to a depiction shows with the line looks like people coming and ricky news @ kron 4 that found >>george: things are still slow for the east shore for a wet backing of the riots all with the carpet. a new
8:32 am
incident this is a major problem the sea is the list is to let us sit alert interstate 580 active a green year-old a truck has overturned and shut the dissenter that designed to allow the energy if the presence of the corporate is watching if the to right- hand lanes the left-hand lane is open and the east of the not commit direction but that is sure to garner some attention could affect that ride as well we are still slow in and out of san francisco the one on ride is so in both directions between south san francisco and downtown west of backed into the maze of 580 was bound george: it free to
8:33 am
the san mateo bridge is still jammed up don't expect any relief until after 9:00 hour to westbound highway 92 >>darya: police investigating three separate car fires appears to be arson >> reporter: that is why san francisco police don't have any witnesses to what happened they're hoping someone knows who did this and come forward to respond to around 2:00 on the star sevastopol is did not get the person who did much empty tank and a person uses that the fire you keep an exile late at night.
8:34 am
is pretty scary what's next out? will be calling the police and asking for extra patrols in the lookout at this point steps is the police don't have any suspects >> reporter: to trouble the three cars early this morning coming up at the 9:00 hour you here for one man was saw the fire and rust tribe fought the flames >>darya: ms. honduras has been found dead along with her sister maria jose brought she was with her sister their bodies have been found there were buried not far from where the sisters disappeared and four men including the sister's boyfriend had been detained for questioning their supply of water fly for the miss
8:35 am
world pageant on sunday >>mark: listen to a real girl may be a victim of sex trafficking. police is to let the school in san francisco law permits have the letter spotty on an ast the boulevard in oakland this book with her father and he did not will school last monday and he went to the monarchy junior academy alternative middle school to get information on hardware clouds he was the police after that and he'd had enough buyers and san francisco and oakland she was part of his ties with the older guys is to restore is on a will to believe my daughter just let anyone take her in has to be someone she knows who has sir >>mark: 5 4 in. tall a hud assisted calls lasting would you pants culture and high heels >>darya: his 20 back in
8:36 am
court today and he faces murder and hit-and-run charges for the death of ivan who was killed last week and messalians room he was writing his scooter when he was hit and killed by a car he made his first court appearance yesterday to has a long history of convictions along with animal cruelty that the burglary he did not enter a plea and to judge denied him bail >>mark: the cliff to privacy is lower staffing levels since the 1980's by nextel the department of the his lowest level since i see 85 the project unless the city can increase pay benefits to four officers could retire or leave department each month the plays juliet
8:37 am
signable other agencies >>darya: rwanda to the wide this year a lot of people are not going to be shopping on black friday coming up in the tech report >>darya: the green area is still getting rain with a petaluma and santa rosa in san rafael. we will be right back. back. ♪ ♪ first impressions are important. you've got to make every second count.
8:38 am
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>>george: are trapped in a hot spot on interstate 580 on the livermore valley east now is to the alter my past the truck is overturned is blocking the to right hand lane still debris as well so far as all having a minimal impact i fully on the westbound ride >>george: kron 4 mobile application agree with to get information in its time >>darya: volkswagen
8:41 am
recalling thousands of vehicles to cover 2011 and 2013 and 2012 and 13 beals know cressida injuries in the u.s. would has been crashes and asian countries and sells 422 south are and is recall >>mark: a lot of americans will not be shopping this black friday a new report that plan to shop on black friday 28 percent plan to shop in stores the rest all learn of us are not the knee to stop a lot of retailers started black fire itself as early as november 1st >>darya: fully wet water on when still will be right back.
8:42 am
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8:45 am
to sell everyone has a list 25 and the dogs are merchandises and from house is your job to find it and it listed children and teaching people how do just by since this started there still people were not selling or buying on the bank >> reporter: use keywords don't worry about sentences this is a full-time what it does it diffuses
8:46 am
save money by sending to the post office i've been shipping on these bases 1997 i lost one package that would give you free boxes and vicarial will pick up your packages was more fun than people send you money at trumps everything. >>darya: just we thought it was over it pulls you back again >> james: will think you ought to the was another showers going to come on by from the on and off again showers. this working his
8:47 am
way closer and closer expected to be the pattern and all day long. will start with another baby had a nice bit of modern rain the trade center fell in a bottle. this over and over to the direction >> james: rain coming over the golden gate bridge. the last hours of the city at the moment began to move this way over to the bay bridge. the rain has been
8:48 am
hanging up for the southwest take a look at it to cast led o'clock hour or six in the afternoon as you're hitting home you have less hours for the expense >> james: my 11:00 p.m. every day will begin to dry out. timmons and it is for most of the bay area images
8:49 am
7 they're around before calves that some for more details on that >> james: still trapped in the lead the upper east tour freeway a 80 in 580 are both have the poor oakland. the south bay freeway is not that bad right now. is this the 280 in the northbound direction looking at the register ride to the bay
8:50 am
bridge is still backed up to the remains stilt with the agreement is plus the stem cell risen high with 92 no breaks here at all to 20 minutes plus free the drive tied to an order of december sale the golden gate bridge is the time for peak traffic flow is a little sluggish from mid span headed down past the toll plaza and of the the what ride here for your ride to the richmond bridge which still backed up to the rich and are quick and 580 with bomb >>mark: to african pay when chicks recently hatched. banon nesting with their parents is still go through with scald fish school >> erica: for the video is
8:51 am
popping up all over facebook this morning music >> erica: the song was 5 broadway star you don't see the 2 in the video very much is that kids are featured as the stars >>mark: the a's signed this letter the all paid innocent country breakfast plan million dollar buyout. he
8:52 am
held the royals to the posted to the first time since 1985. the warriors have sectarian craig thompson and several of males to the kids and their families. whether or not dishing it out there having a good time parula the coach told me a special salad on a year-old i have a 10 our problem >>darya:
8:53 am
>>mark: we have lots of weather and traffic continuing to follow this morning taking a lot of the tear it san rafael and is continuing to rain will be right back. right back. ♪ s♪ in the lane,ng, arsnow is glistenin' ♪ ♪ a beautiful sight, we're happy tonight ♪ ♪ towin' in a winter wonderland ♪ with the disneyland resort wrapped in holiday magic, the happiest place on earth, just got merrier. ♪ towin' in a winter wonderland... ♪ weee hoooooo!
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>>darya: just for the day in she left such a wall name freda she spent the day visiting landmarks getting really rubs snacks and treats to top off shoes given accommodation funds to buy the scott wenner during
8:57 am
the civilizes meeting, on a 1 the prize for his dog going the friend of animal care and control should lead fire hydrants all over the city open city and abc seven new the zoo is called no one part and is under developed upon this case than in brazil and to know the park islic access to the area is a uses a hundred acres of park >>mark: winners and losers on wall street will have more on that what are black
8:58 am
at 915 or with from arise due to you was never good at a double-digit spike. take a look here at the storm moving very heavy rain will have more rain moving through more salt away at the kron 4 morning news return. at shell, we believe the world needs a broader mix of energies, which is why we are supplying natural gas, to generate cleaner electricity, that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and why with our partner in brazil, we are producing a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane to fuel cars. let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go.
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>> james >> erica: we have more activity offshore pushing into the bay. having been asked pushing through a high with 37 hits in mind showers will continue to work their way east if you're in east a gretna star tracker also shows rain for the coastline for the santa cruz mountain future cash for
9:02 am
shows will continue to see rain throughout the course of the backed-answers of rainfall totals not too much >> erica: it depends on where you are we do have a couple more storms headed our direction of the highlighting that come up >>mark: along on >> jackie sissel: to lose such a levy on relic because of a band of rain and is already out there right now. some out right here along 11 south lawn at the civic center have been out here all morning long since then has been off and on again and just the last 15 to 20
9:03 am
minutes the heaviest of the we said all morning long i've a feeling will be like this all day long dealt with our umbrella on the jackie yet. south >>george: benchley and the not commit direction and flee the west palm ride has been unaffected. no longer delays we are still sluggish from livermore and track and the commute for the bay bridge the backed up two to plus the drive times san miguel bridges still jammed up. the essence another rush
9:04 am
of cars and that's why we're seeing things backed up. you could draw from is the mineral rights do in fact work. looking at the ride to the golden gate bridge if it did not last very long there are no delays now across the span >>darya: the subjects was barricaded in a home near large growth court in hayes avenue the person we had seen earlier with a gun and a child in the street has been a lot to sort out their lot of people in the home was the very latest on what is exactly happening. >>will tran: it lasted more than 11 hours we learned of the suspect lived at a home right behind me at the gray home at 945 last night he was spotted in the middle of the roadway with a child and
9:05 am
a gun to call the police department it came out here by the end yet ran back in the house we've learned our route 845 in the morning and into the home remo's seven people total five kids read the one-year-old to 13 years of to those one was a woman and an adult man the adult men was not the suspect is still at large discordant must assign to find out what they're not the witnesses are big cooperative with the police department they're still on the same is still locked in this area did me to go through luther evidence try to find a gun at this when they have not been able to recover the gun as far as i suspect man is a bit out of the home they're still investigating that what they're really running down the situation to the point where old- growth is right next to us
9:06 am
will learn from the school district as a school should be open to the students >>will tran: the shutdown of the barricade is going on the suspect is still at large write-down would on a ledge between heat and that child and what really has led him to even be in the middle of the street with the gun >>mark: leading chp officer on 53 mounts his office tried to pull over hanford's speeding around my last that we can going into some 53 mi. into marring he chatted away on foot tetes a mexican into custody he had three wars out of his arrest one of those were church
9:07 am
services resumed this morning members of the holy cross church >>mark: firefighters said this is spread to the second-floor and then the role of local no was and did their suicide figure out the cause of the blaze >>darya: 2 not happy about the tuition hike will take a look at the latest video in our letter which is drained off and on that a lot of break from the traffic as you approached the bay bridge. (vo) if you live in the san francisco area and you're eligible for medicare, anthem blue cross can help you get a great plan at a great rate! our new medicare advantage plans pay for many of the costs
9:08 am
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9:10 am
test site >>george: the two right lanes are shut down and traffic headed out of livermore out toward to 05 and 580 will be slow from bethel road remember you can get trapped in a tie with the kron 4 mobile application is a free
9:11 am
application that works on all phones >>mark: after it passed the house and the fees could look at present president obama threatened to build a bill if it made it to his desk years than to wait >>darya: the senate has a block the bill to and an essay collection of american from records in a plaster version of the bill the let's listen will allow the nsa to data records with terrorism investigation that has a live look at storm track of for you to see rain in the heart of the bay >> erica: the selling afternoon for cats will return.
9:12 am
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mom? dad? big uncle wayne?nut. hot chocolate. green tea. uh, decaf, cuz. wow. i'm dying for an herbal tea. the all new keurig 2.0 is here. >>darya: weather and traffic and bad combination >>george: overturned truck on interstate 580 playfully in the eastbound direction but it is the seller to land a chapter of our block tear puc the right-hand side of the roadway is a boxed up on this side to see all the yellow legal san beryl's
9:15 am
the designed to lure the energy that is exactly the shuck there before a takeover hitting east bomb that plea is off to the right hand side so as not blocking any last there is a get the block is to concede was slow traffic eastbound from vessel rolled and track in the ride here on wall one the southbound direction coming in from iran county >>george: stop and go traffic from marin city on the road with sensors is coming out across a leader of that accident occurred earlier all was southbound at the wattle tunnel and is now clear looking into ride to the bay ridge was bound although we are back to the edge of the macarthur maze with so traffic is not leading to the bay bridge is ast shore freeway to there be a break in that back up for you the
9:16 am
cemetery ridge is still having over to sen mattel coming out of hayward and we meant to slow traffic to the golden gate bridge that is why so light here for the stop arm drive it into more ran for the rest they're rich the back of is gone for was bought interstate 580 at his lack charisma >> erica: nicosia light frame blackening much of the bay area as we zoom in. but it looks like it is affecting highway 37. we saw that in the camera shot in the east bay looks like interstate 80 bill with rain down to the macarthur maze delegates prickles you notice we are seeing red on highway one pretty like a nation more than a 10th of an inch with the rain
9:17 am
falling over santa cruz mountains is hitting absorber >> erica: this is odd to be the story for the rest of the market offered on showers is coming in waves nothing to organize in the tech you will need our umbrella as we headed to later on tonight could see a few leftover scattered showers if you're even ride home with this is all said and done with lucille " evidence to have into rain was expected to fall for the north bay >> erica: timmy is afternoon will be in the '60s cool weather for the next couple of days of winter system for the bay area sister friday and saturday unsettled weather for the next couple of days. >>mark: the stomach is interested store was starbucks taken it up and not far this charging stations
9:18 am
>> rob black: you have have adapted to work with their current from zero offices from battery that can be charged ticket from the pressure on the map and starbucks and use it spa looks on something big in this is a core the adapter or to sell c for 99 and future you would have a bill to your phone this is a chapter of coffee stores but have years of double-digit growth sometimes invites them
9:19 am
>>mark: target is looking up the table with the data bridge behind them? >>mar >> rob black: the cells are going up profit grew by percentage. in the and target is a stop wal-mart is a start i love costco because the the law have lot of stuff is entirely too much and target barely 14 types of to face costco has to. that there the first was to get things going >> rob black: with that basically means is united
9:20 am
and continental and delta, all the airlines started backing if it is up was has been doing at this is the lead story here is the blue is cutting allowed states into an deceits about in its 84 is still more room to 3 in. they're trying to get a hundred 65 people several hundred people wall street loves this the also announced the setbacks no feed wanted that its defeat and said it that it's a double feature that's changing affairs ever so slightly >>mark: pizza hut are or another major overhaul the biggest of all they've done
9:21 am
over 50 years talk they're pushing the envelope the largest pc maker in the united states is pizza hut is not something that happened is a out loud pizza hut is adding new toppings they're doing things to offend people that china did the young a millennial have
9:22 am
fancy is based to be having questions will be right back
9:23 am
9:24 am
9:25 am
>>darya: all burglary is up in san francisco since last year >> reporter: one of the worst villains the driver can have is finding a windows last is coming more and more common is san francisco of the burglaries are coming more common with a 7% increase city-wide 7% man has a lot dancing been spiced a lot of the times their valuables and all the luggage is still inside the vehicle they're using rental vehicles it is very easy for suspect to recognize a
9:26 am
rental vehicle recognize that such a thing or not from the area that's in a 26% jump and all burglary stock-market in places like the was still shopping center has seen a 60 percent spike the park is to enclose area in and around golden gate park said in a 31 percent spike the loss this is the targeting all burglaries this silly we have increased patrols in visibility and high crime areas my visibility where every door and this is the easiest way to be a target don't leave anything visible in the vehicle >> reporter: they're down
9:27 am
and other neighborhoods the mission and the bayview in san francisco >>mark: sentences copley's the four missing tokyo girl who could be the victim of sex trafficking >> reporter: collect because of fire early this morning >>mark: of heavy rain now will have more with the track ahead after this break on kron 4 news
9:28 am
9:29 am
>>darya: and dragging a break from iran is not quite over yet
9:30 am
>> erica: contending light rain into berkeley and invented for the macarthur maze parts of san francisco starting to dry up right now marquetry is not dealing with any rain. the sign read the language showers crossing into the east bay across the bay bridge this morning and as i will continue with scattered showers as we headed to about month's time have was the fremont area and take a
9:31 am
look at some of the rainfall totals we do have some more storms heading our direction our bring you back coming up in 15 minutes >>george: we still backed up all 11 south thought more accounting back to overwhelm both great. emergency vehicles may be blocking some of the lanes there. we're getting jammed the eastbound highway 24 with an accident that for a while walk the three right-hand lanes we may have some video of that accident if we do we'll bring you up if not lawn we do understand three right lanes have just reopened to the california highway patrol they're blocked for about 30 minutes as i knocked down 13 is backed up remise the of the old days when it would just three boards flesh
9:32 am
still jammed appear on 580 star >>george: an overturned truck at greenbelt. it tipped over into the construction here have shown that stanley some benefit to the traffic heading south to central valley if you're heading toward the bay bridge this morning you're still looking at the latest in the toll plaza. the traffic the maze is no longer connected to the bay bridge back up if you're heading for the san mateo bridge collapse of the plaintiffs have cleared out meantime the set up the golden gate bridge and easily right here southdown the succulent traffic maybe getting through has the accident scene and spencer the volume on the bridge has just hit the left >>darya: please respond to a man barricaded in his home
9:33 am
at large growth growth and hayes avenue the continues to investigate exactly what happened this is a need to be processed to have to locate the gun but the good news is no injuries seven people inside the home they have been removed at a 30 in the morning if seven people the breakdown is $2.10 was a man another was a woman that mandela lives was not the man who they're still looking for >>will tran: started around 945 last night when a man was spotted in the roadway with a gun and a child people call the police department a rust out here by then he was long gone he was back inside the home is like to talk to him to walk the line and made to contact their lot able to find him they treated this
9:34 am
as a hostage situation for all of and never officially called it a hostage situation the reason lieso worse scenario no one was injured when it did affect education for a little while all rode high school ride fermi the principal and superintendent of mostar in the situation and i felt it was too dangerous to allow school to go on what the they're a situation was going on the idaho to students and the tears and said yes tool is back on which is why this to get a hitting for schools >>mark: present a car fires or arson did not have any suspects or motive for the fire early this morning and whoever is responsible with three vehicles on fire was
9:35 am
a 18th and 19th the fire crews arrived on scene just after 2:00 this morning and began dousing the three vehicles to them what made the damage in the front end but cyclists ride will ever to play for the fire had left the scene but working nearby is will land at a 711 and tried to stop it i came back and and basically assisted with whatever i could no was injured >> reporter: the of the store had to fire tenders but did not work when he tried use of this morning shift >>darya: in a rustic
9:36 am
california is recommending to issue a 5 percent each year for the next five years. >> reporter: there are meeting right now for the many started a 30 to see behind there's a large crowd has gathered they have been protesting throughout the morning said it is raining but these people do not care if they're so upset about the proposed tuition hike drop the universe if california system will be examined the proposal in the next couple hours at the meeting gets under way some these people have signed out here to have been testing in they're extremely upset about this will be going inside to get their thoughts on camera will be having an update in short-time that is the latest here in san francisco
9:37 am
>>darya: promising to a real girl may be the victim of sex trafficking she left her school in san francisco government sent a letter spotty on international boulevard in oakland this book with her father and he said that she did not go to school last monday if she had ago to mark the the king academy to the information on where she was he claims he was a police for help after that he is handing out fliers san francisco and oakland she was last seen wearing a black silk pants a cutoff shirt and high heels and you have any information call the police >>mark: or say why this year many people not shopping on black pride - ( helicopter whirring ) - ( roars ) ( siren wails ) ( pop music playing ) ♪ when you're ready ♪ ready, ready, ready ♪ come and get it ♪ get it, get it
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hey john,whoa!k it out. yeah, i was testing to see if we really can turn any device in your house into a tv. and the tablet worked just fine. but i wanted to see if the phone would work as well. so i shrunk sharon. every channel is live just like on tv. but it's my phone. it's genius. shh! i'm watching tv. tiny sharon is mean. i'm right here. watch any channel live on any device around your home. download the xfinity tv app today. >>george: to slowing user ride to marin this morning
9:41 am
starting with the southern and of the commune with the slow recovery from an early recurring tax and southbound 11 at spencer avenue there may be slow and go coming from marin city as a head over to waddle tear down to the tunnel. west of backed into northern iran heavy traffic on the drive times about 40 minutes down to the golden gate bridge remember the kron 4 mobile application is a free download you get for your android stand apple devices >>mark: watching wall street this morning is down 21% for the doll. -down is still at 17,000 >>darya: lot of americans will not be shopping on
9:42 am
black friday 40% of american's plan to go out and shot on black friday on a 20% plan to shop in the stores the rest will be on line some people are afraid of the long lines and the horror stories of everyone a the don't feel the need the best sales are on line on thanksgiving day national weather including buffalo is buried in snow
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
>>darya: parts of the cuts are dealing with cold and snow were going to see 6 ft. six people have died
9:46 am
>>darya: a lot of people the national guard had rescued people the entire mess watch and was stranded in their bus on the interstate for 24 hours they're just rescued this morning another round of storms are expected later this week they're not over with it yet it is like a will get hit them and not them of our rain either >> erica: they're dealing with subzero temperatures average--record-breaking snow where adrenaline rain barrel rain flood into the bay area that is bay is impacted the area of yellow
9:47 am
have moderate to heavy rain water to the man as per our we do have some more moisture offshore because he waves of hit or miss showers throughout the rest of the day this week have not say much rain for downtown san jose areas in the flat nothing to organize as we headed to the afternoon even portions of the south lake could be what we do have a quick move in system and in our way >> erica: here's a look at their highs for today concord 6166 degrees in oakland 65 in livermore and 60 in santa rosa. several
9:48 am
opportunities to whether if you do not feel the effects of the store today will probably filmed thursday it will pretty organize quickly when sister metal brick through this is the third one it will be the wettest system that will continue on to early saturday before retracting out next week >>george: as your tracking delays for the ride on a one through marin county the things that were slowing traffic this out and commit are wrapping up the accident at spencer is pretty much of our the big problem has been the ride the big back of is still in northern iran the south following ride with surprisingly is that the formal tie with 37 west to look at the 941 minute drive time from the bottle.
9:49 am
domestic allies opened here at highway 13 the traffic is backed of all little children's hospital >>george: in the east of direction to the agenda for this to my is just when they're all three quarters and for your ride to the bay bridge west palm the back of for the bridge is only for a 80 over crossing. it breaks up before a guest to the bridge and for your ride to the samoset retire when 92 there was no accident before the bridge there is an accident before the mid span if we trip to the golden gate bridge receive more traffic is getting through off the wall great a year trip to richmond bridge
9:50 am
west are no longer back to the toll plaza and no delays on 580 westbound getting through westbound >> reporter: you're looking as evansville of a pickup truck allegedly used a still gas on on the grounds of five tanks said the august a letter of this those 7 50 gal. which is 20 died hundred dollars \ >> reporter: driver and his minivan was involved with the potential explosive situation we have four times the risk is low gas from 030 is when is this has
9:51 am
been targeted. his installing locks lies underground tank and mental and down in the meantime he also recognizes when fremont police described as lead to some dark color image voyager van across lambs and a leather strap and dark of the full-size chevrolet pickup with bedcover chrome ram and running more i will give $5,000 reward someone has to stop those people will let hurt people >>darya: than test panel will look a lot different
9:52 am
which means bus to rapid transit for everyone else you have to deal with that because the buses are coming through it will beef up the corner and get the buses they're all lying to clean up like this the middle of the street was with the cars will be squeezed to two lines on each side for lines total plus no left turns on the street at all and the buses will be able to go down the middle of a shock to start next year >>mark: 2 aphid and pain when chicks hatch--to african pain when checks. will be back right back with the kron 4 morning news
9:53 am
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>>mark: 10 san jose five children removed from a home or in man believe to be barricaded he is not been found because of the standoff near all grove high school is closed as morning and has now been cleared that invest in three separate cars from arson cars bernard early this morning so far no suspects have been identified. an abortive meeting >>mark: were being ignored and that the regions are not touched their recommended that tuition be raised and the u.s. and california 5% a year for the next five years (music) >>darya: just in time for
9:57 am
the holidays new version of the winter sun. those hurt children you don't see the same as you see kids featured in the video the song writers did change a couple of words to make it more there was a new mayor at city hall monday in the best dressed their was a nice swing to look very few. she was given accommodation for stabilizer during the war also lies a leading to get the prize during the animal care control >>mark: this much for joining us whether a chapter news a day for our mobile application as well as half for guy come facebook and twitter page
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